PRO version2

How we Work


Booking reference or QR code

Easy to find booking by any reference from OTA (Booking, Expedia, Airbnb, etc), PMS, Hotel website, or by using the QR code from the pre-check-in email.


Secure payment

Outstanding balance paid upon arrival with the bank card and stored in the PMS for invoicing.


ID and passport verification

National ID or travel passport information automatically recognized by reader and sent to registration form.

Registration form

The registration form is very flexible and can be customized by the hotel is signed by the guest and stored in the PMS.

Room card dispense

Every guest will encode an individual key card on booked dates. Without any manual operation guest will receive a room card ready to use.

Accommodation pass

A printed paper after successful check-in about stay in the hotel, room number, WiFi password, or breakfast time.