Automate your guest services online and on premise!

In a post world COVID-19, Wieldy provides hotels with the best automation tools to help guests maintain social distancing and peace of mind to book!

Enquiry Online
Enquiry Online

Check-in Kiosk

reduce your operating costs with the Sezam24 check-in kiosk. Built in 42 languages it offers an incredibly quick and easy check-in process. Your guest can make payment, check-in, get a key and go to their room without any interaction with your staff. Hoteliers can manage their hotel and reservations remotely, modify guests’ bookings, relocate them to another room, add additional services and payments from everywhere.

Enquiry Online


whether it is pre-booking, pre-stay or during stay, guests can ask questions and get helpful answers 24 hours a day. The result is more booking leads and less time spent on answering guest questions.

Enquiry Online

How it works


Content management

Wieldy gives you full control of the content you display to the traveller, with every change updated in real time.

Booking assistant

Wieldy will prompt the traveller to book by directing them to your booking engine.

Digital concierge

Wieldy will provide helpful links to the traveller, such as Google maps, local taxi numbers, and much more...

Key Benefits

At every stage of the guest journey, from information gathering down to booking enquiries, Wieldy helps travellers click less, chat more and shorten their distance to achieve what they want.

Increase bookings and ancillary revenue

Whether it is to assist with bookings pre-stay or up-sell in-stay, guests can use Wieldy as a booking assistant or digital concierge.

Reduce website abandonment

Wieldy brings your website to life with real-time engagement, and will hand off to a member of staff if there is any indication the traveller is not getting what they asked for.

Engages a wider audience

The growing number of tech savvy travellers are seeking out a chatbot that offers a real-time, user-friendly and convenient user path.

Save time

Your staff will save considerable time from having to answer questions back and forth, both pre-stay and during a guests stay.

Targeted marketing

Compared to email marketing, Messenger has considerably higher open rates, allowing you to target a more receptive audience.

Data capture and analysis

Unlike a website or mobile app, every interaction can be collected and analysed through messaging platforms.

Why Wieldy?

Only 2% of a hotel website converts from lookers to bookers! That’s a 98% visitor abandonment rate! What’s worse, many of your website visitors return to the OTAs that dominate the search results on Google.

Your hotel website has a matter of seconds to engage a visitor and Wieldy does exactly that, hosted on your website, he pops up and always provides helpful answers to questions. He never sleeps and if he can’t answer a question, he alerts a live agent at your hotel to intervene.

And it gets better! thanks to social messaging apps on travellers smartphones, you can follow up with them and encourage them to book direct! They may have left your website but the conversation continues!

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About Us

Wieldy Digital, a company birthed to disrupt the traditional ways of guest engagement have developed "Wieldy", a hotel chatbot, helping travellers click less, chat more and shorten the distance to achieve their goal.

The vast majority of hotels are not offering the kind of guest engagement that promotes a mobile first, user-friendly and real-time user experience.

Wieldy is a digital concierge built within Facebook Messenger that assists travellers with bookings and answering their FAQs 24/7. Offering the best of both worlds a traveller can get helpful auto-responses 24/7 but can also at anytime stop the auto-responses and instead chat with a live agent at the hotel.

Installed as a chat widget on a hotel website and Facebook page, or sent out as a link within a booking confirmation (or welcome email), Wieldy can handles a large proportion of a guest's questions. The result for the hotel is significant time saved and more revenue generated from more qualified booking leads.

The Traveller Journey


Traveller lands on
hotel’s website and has
questions which result
in making a booking


After booking,
the traveller will receive
a pre-stay message
promoting upgrades
e.g. airport transfer


While in stay
the traveller will receive
another message
asking them to book
a restaurant, spa etc.


Once traveller
checks out the hotel
can ask him/ her to
write a review