Our company Be-Tech makes products based on innovations, development, research, and technology. Our company was formed in 1992 and since then we have dedicated ourselves to making the best locks for hotels, homes etc. We provide solutions for electronic security to different industries of hospitality and facilities where smart security is required. All our solutions are manufactured to fulfill the needs of our customers relating to security, convenience, and organization. We provide excellent electronic hotel locks all over the world. Due to our principles of flexibility, reliability, functionality and the ability to design, we have around thousands of luxury hotels and resorts worldwide as customers. We are an electronic hotel locks factory.



The electronic hotel card lock is compatible with 13.56MHz mifare classic ,RFID card. Every card is programmed for specific locks enabling access to specific areas and hotel rooms. Our lock has RFID technology and is fire listed in order to be used on fire doors. This lock is approved by CE, ANSI/BHMA, and UL. It has a deadbolt of high strength with the function of panic release. These can easily be opened in cases of emergencies. The guardian RFID hotel lock is ADA compliant.

Suitable for:
• hotels, apartments
• retirement homes
• student accommodation
• office buildings
• employee areas in commercial buildings
• multi-apartment buildings


• Anti-burglar protection: These locks have an anti-burglar bolt. When the door is closed, the anti-burglar bolt is also closed and can stop any try of using a flat object to break in.
• Emergency escape: Our Be-tech locks have a function of anti-panic which helps to open the door quickly from inside even if it is locked from inside. It allows for emergency escape.
• Energy consumption: The unified micro motors are reliable have consumed low energy. In such a case the door locks don’t have the need to be wired with a power supply.
• Maintenance: The hotel’s locks are easy to maintain as they are powered by AA batteries they can last for a year until the need to change them arises. So you don’t have to worry about high energy costs.
• Privacy: When the “DON`T DISTURB” sign is on the lock, the other cards are denied access.  A red LED light is displayed on the reader. Only the administrator`s card is given access.
• Additional safety: Every room can be opened by one administrator card which is claimed superior and provides access to all areas. Every lock is unlocked at any time by the right key. This provides additional safety in situations when it is urgent to enter the room and the person does not have the administrator`s card
• Emergency escape: Our Be-tech locks have a function of anti-panic which allows opening the door quickly.

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