The Social Bot was designed to disrupt the traditional ways of guest engagements (i.e. phone, email, website browsing) helping travellers click less, chat more and shorten their distance to book a room or ancillary service.

The Social Bot works for a hotel 24/7 answering their website visitor’s questions and helping them book. Every question a traveller asks has an intent, and we have found the intent is mostly to book. Over 25% of all questions through the Social Bot are booking related.

Built within Facebook Messenger, the Social Bot offers a traveller the option to get helpful auto-responses 24/7 but can also at any time pause the auto-responses and instead chat with a live agent at the hotel.

Installed as a chat widget on a hotel website and Facebook page, or sent out as a link within a booking confirmation (or welcome email), the Social Bot can handle a large proportion of a guest’s questions. The result for the hotel is significant time saved and more revenue generated from more qualified booking leads.


Traveller lands on
hotel’s website and has
questions which result
in making a booking


After booking,
the traveller will receive
a pre-stay message
promoting upgrades
e.g. airport transfer


While in stay
the traveller will receive
another message
asking them to book
a restaurant, spa etc.


Once traveller
checks out the hotel
can ask him/ her to
write a review