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100% automated check-in solutions for hotels, B&Bs and hostels

Payment, ID scan, digital signature and roomkey dispense!


How it works

Identity Verification

Identity Verification

Sezam24 recognizes a personal ID within seconds and automatically fills in the registration form. All this information will be uploaded to the PMS after the check-in is complete.

On-screen Signature

On-screen Signature

The registration form and hotel policy must be signed by every guest staying at the hotel. It is very easy to read and sign on the kiosk touchscreen.

Keycard Programming

Keycard Programming

At the final stage, the check-in kiosk dispenses a pre-programmed room card valid for the guest’s stay. Sezam24 is integrated with the hotel lock system.

Our Products

Pro Model

From a booking number to a roomkey in 7.3 seconds

Air model

From a tablet enable your guests a fast and easy check-in

Mobile Check In

From a web progressive application offer mobile check-in

Our Customers

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